More 650 tank and seat.

I have a 2002 DR650. I recently picked up a blue IMS 4.9 gal tank from my local dealer and when I got it home the petcock was a lefthand. Not the righthand, hose to the rear, listed in the instructions that I needed. A call to IMS got me the correct one, shipped priority USPS prepaid $4.80, all at no charge to me. I got a thicker oring made for fuel at the dealer to mount the petcock. No leaks. I put the stock Suzuki upper and lower rubber tank mounts with the metal insert below the new tank and the IMS rubber cone mounts on top. The IMS bolts were long enough. This gave about a quarter inch greater clearance between the engine and the tank bottom. The stock seat fit perfectly. I then took the stock seat to a local upholstery shop where they cut off one and a half inches foam from the top, the full length of the seat. They said it was extremely hard foam. (yeah) I am 5'9" so they added 1 inch of softer foam in one piece glued to the top and sides, shaped like an upside down U . Then reinstalled the old cover with staples. It became the same overall shape, about a half inch lower and an inch and a half wider. A cost of $60 total to rework the seat. This gives me a little lower seat height and softens the hard right angle shape that seemed to cut off circulation to my legs. The seat looks stock at first glance, alongside a stock bike you can just tell it is a little wider, and feels softer. It fits fine with the IMS tank. I've ridden it a few hundred miles, both trails and highway, and I'm pleased with the increased comfort and can tell it's a little lower. My buddies also say it's more comfortable. Thanks to this wonderful forum I can get great ideas for useful improvements constantly. Thank you all for your contributions. Wizard

Wow, sounds like another person doing alot to keep the stock seat...I did too...I removed the cover, cut out a space for a gel triangular seat pad, inserted it into the stock seat, and put back the cover was way better, but then I needed an ims 4.9 for keeping up with my klr capacities, so I got a used corbin, that fits great...and is much wider for my wide caboose...I'm 6'3" 272lbs...I actually wanted to stop riding after about 2 hours on and off dirt on the stock the seat or the mileage or the hours is not an issue...I don't even think about it anymore...I'm more worried about whether my luggage is still attached!?

Congratulations on getting the replacement seat you are so happy with! It seems that tank capacity and seat comfort are nearly "must do" modifications. For me, after more performance mods. Next is suspension. I guess if stock DR650s were completely perfect I couldn't afford them. And I get something to work on. Ride on.

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