Did my homework...am I correct?

I have done my research, but before I continue, just want to make sure my homework is spot on before I proceed with jetting.

My bike specs:

2008 SM, RS2 full system, K&N air filter, 3X3 (exactly!!! Eddie says, I do, no questions!!!) Located in Dallas, TX...sea level (I am assuming), temps range from 30-110 degrees, and carb is completely stock.

Jetting Specs:

155 main jet

dj needle

clip 2

dj slide spring

25 pilot jet with the stock fuel screw

22.5 pilot jet with kientech screw

2.75 turns fuel screw

I don't have the DJ kit, but have the JD kit, are these settings still good?

Great site and thanks in advance for the input!!!

160 main jet for the pipe.otherwise correct.

6 out of 7 correct...not too bad!


Crap...sorry, but one more clarification...:thumbsup:

Is that a 160 with or with out the SA in? I am going to remove it!


with it out.

Thank you...Sir Eddie

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