I am looking at getting into the mini moto for fun and want to know what are the best bikes to start with for a 6'1" 215lb guy any help would be great. I will mostly use it to rip around with my son which is 5 on a 50.

A midsize is going to be your best bet with how tall you are. Check out the OGM 150 or the pitster X4R both are excellent bikes and are fairly race ready.

SSR Motorsports 140cc or the 150cc Bike... Its midsized, reliable & affordable and have customer support and service.

call Jeremiah @ SGR Racing......:thumbsup:

All the above are great bikes. Don't settle for less though. Bikes in the sub $1000 range are not going to hold up to any hard riding at all from a guy your size (which also happens to be my size and my ogm sx150 is perfect for me)

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