03 cr 125 bog?

i have an o3 cr125 that was previously raced and it has vforce reeds and pro circuit works pie with an fmf tc pipe ,i have the air screw at 1and a half out ,but thats not my problem ive tried all different airscrew settings and cant get the low end snap and im getting hesitation or a bog like response and when im going up steep hills it just stumbles and is gutless but on flat at high rpm she goes! any tips are needed thank.

has it ever ran correctly since youve owned it?

not as far as crisp off idle snap no. and also i had purchased two prox topend kits about a month back so its fresh id say 2-3 hours on it,fresh airfilter etc.

100% sure the power valve is working?

i just had the topend aprt and cleaned it very well but is it possible that it is sticking and i should yank it and soak it in cleaner overnight?and scrub the living hell out of it? and also the guy that raced the bike said it was jetted spot on and the float level is set really high. it does pour gas when tilted lightly:excuseme:

you need tomake sure its not stuck open and actually opens and closes when you rev the motor.

whats the best way to be able to tell after a pull out and clean,how will i know its doing its job and thanks for the help,does a high float level effect the performance really?

Lots of carbs have two screws for setting how the engine works at low and high RPM. Maybe your low RPM is a bit off? Check your manual or find the carbs manual online, it should indicate whether your carburetor has these settings or not and where to find them. Also, maybe your spark plug is a bit dirty or maybe you are leaking coolant into the cylinder (you should see lots of white smoke then)

no white smoke no other settings beside air and idle and plug is new.

Maybe you just need a new carb. Maybe the one you have right now is damadged and leaks more fuel into the cylinder. I don't know what else could it be...Doesn't sound like a compression problem :0

im hoping i'll tackle the issue today with a little time and clean it out good and see

im going to pull er apart and clean the crap out of everything again and try that and tinker a bit more with the ascrew and i ll let ya know?

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