Help Crf250x problems its weird

alright i have a 2005 CRF250X and i was just talking good about this stupid:censored: peice junk but anyway it will not start when its cold as in 80 degrees cold but it will start once its good and hot but sometimes it wont start when its hot please help me on this on its probly the valves but idk

You answered your own question.

Check the valves.

alright thanks i figured that was it

Yep it was valves intake valves were 0 clearance and exhaust were like .005 outta spec i think

Any idea how many hrs. you have? Is it the original valves?

alright heres what i got for my setup its in inches

intake Left:0.00 Right : 0.00

exhaust Left : .008 Right .008

my measurements before were off the top of my head and i didnt remember right so there you go and yes valves are still original and i have over 1000 miles on it with no shim work or even checking the valves lol im gonna start checking them sooner lol

What do you guys think sound about right as in checkiing wise not spec lol

ok so would it hurt to shim the exhaust i already bought the shims and how much can i do a vlave joc for if i do everything myself except for recutting the seats ?

would you reccomend Kibblewhites and would you replace exhaust and would you go Stainless

Sorry for all the questions

Alright thanks you helped me out ALOT thanks again

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