2007 RMZ-250 clutch conversion parts needed ?

I hear that the 2007 RMZ-250 have bad clutches and it is good to do a conversion with a 08 clutch i believe. What are the parts i would need to buy to do this conversion ?

not bad clutchs just weak springs and a bad basket.

so all i have to do is replace it with 08 basket and springs ?

Put in a Hinson basket and 450 clutch springs.

so all i have to do is replace it with 08 basket and springs ?

Just order the 2008 clutch plates (they are thicker at the tabs than the 2007 plates), the 2 new 2008 washers which go in before all of driven & drive plates, the new 2008 #1 steel driven plate (made of different material than the rest of the steel driven plates, the new clutch springs. Probably replace your inner hub now while you are at it and if you really want to splurge then get the Hinson basket. I have upgraded my son's 2007 to a complete 2008 OEM clutch and we don't have the same clutch problems with plates fragmenting. This is on a full stage III mod motor so it is holding up quite well in the last 20 hours of racing in the B class.

I am just looking for a affordable way to upgrade my clutch from the 07 clutch, But i dont want to be ripping it apart in 6 months time cuz it didnt hold out. I am a non racer just for fun rider. So whats the best way to go about this? Basket, plates and springs ? or just springs and basket ?

How many hours/months are on the clutch you are replacing? At a minimum replace all the plates and the springs and inner clutch hub. The stock basket can go longer.

i am not sure how manny hours are on it i just got it. it is a 07 so there should not be tons. The clutch seams to work fine just i got the motor apart now bebuilding it so i was going to do a little upgrade to the clutch.

We have over 122 hours on our bike running expert class (it is rode very hard). The basket and the spring are the problem with the clutch. Replacing the plates too the 08 conversion is a waste. The gear on the back of the basket get loose, should allway be tight, heavier 450 clutch springs help also.

I would recommend replacing the clutch spring bolts on the pressure plate with a higher shear strength bolt.

I am new to the RMZ too. I pulled mine down and noticed the bolts that hold the clutch springs in were stretched (the threads were separated more at one end and it was thinner). This was after one bolt broke when I torqued it to 7lbs spec. I don't know if this is related to the clutch problems or not, but hopefully it helps.

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