Do valves have to be replaced with ever top end?

Just wondering...I am looking to rebuild(or have someone do it, not sure yet). My bike hase probably around 40-50 hours on it and the valves are still in spec. Am I looking at new valves no matter what? I know this sounds like a repost, but I have never seen this specific question asked.

There is no reason to replace the valves with the top end.

Ok good I never really read anything to clarify. I wasn't sure if people replaced everything while they had it torn apart.

If it's close it prolly can't hurt tho. from what I understand if your getting close to having to shim for the 3rd or so time replace them.

When you do replace the valves make sure you have the guides checked and seats cut, if you do not have the seats cut, the new valves will not last.

You would want to put in new valve seals, springs, and valves.

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