Ktm 150?

Just wondering if the KTM150 is going to stay in production. Looking at the 2008 rules that puts the KTM150 in the same class as a 250 2 stroke. I am unclear what advantage that has.

It looks like last year the 144 was in the lites class against the 250F's. It may still be in the pro ranks. But in the amature ranks where most of the bikes are sold and used I am unclear why it would be used. page 44. http://www.amadirectlink.com/rulebooks/AmateurRules2008.pdf

I am not attacking mind you, I was wanting one but looking at the rules I am not sure. I'd just assume have a full on 250 2 stroke if they are in the same class.

Am I missing something?


125cc - 122cc - 125cc 2-stroke

250cc - 122cc - 250cc

Do the math on the 150's displacement... Still 144 and I do believe that 09' the max cc is 153..

Yes the 150 is still 144, I get that, we all get that.

So in 08 that means it is in the 250 2 stroke class. The 250 Class is 122cc's to 250cc's and 153 falls right in there just as does 144 and full on 250. I am not sure what math you mean.

In 09 the max is 153. OK, the max what? Are you saying the classes are changing again.

I am not following you...

no offense here ebeck,but what's the question? why? quick answer,why not?...if you want a 250 2t then go for it..some may like the 144/150 and think it is a great bike,some may ride the 125's because they are fun and cheap,especially at purchase,others like the 250f's because they are "Easy" to ride...it's a great rule,all of those bikes are fun and competitive in this class...I could've spared you this long winded answer by simply saying different strokes for different folks...probably didn't answer anything for you,sorry.good day.

the only race that matters is the one you ride in, nothing else, the rest is entertainment

The question is "is KTM going to continue to make the 150 since the bike in in the same class as the 250 thay also make" Stated another way, in the first post

"Just wondering if the KTM150 is going to stay in production."

Not one answer. A link that shows exactly what I am asking. I still do not follow. I am saying the 150 and 250 are in the same class so is the 150 going to stay in production. That is a preeeeettty straight forward question. I am looking for some of your insight since you are all KTM folks.

Then you send a link and call me a smart guy that SHOWS the 150 and 250 in the same class. :ride:

Then there is the answers that don't offend yet do and yet say nothing or responses that are out in left field.. lol

Yes the only race that matters in the one your in. So why use the KTM150 when the KTM250s is in the same class. If I were KTM I'd stop making the 150. Hence the question.

Seems the only posts that get time or answers are KTM cheer leading posts.

I'll go post the question in the General. How about just sayin "gee we don't know". ;)

The AMA sure has changed the rules around in the last couple of years.

It would seem like KTM wouldn't need to send over any more 150s, if they have to compete against the 250s in the same class.

I don't know what the AMA is thinking...????

It seems like people would just gravitate toward the 250F or 250 two stroke in that class.:ride:

stop production? at least not for 09.. you are not KTM,but maybe you could write them and express your interest in seeing this model discontinued since it makes no sense to you...it is a niche bike that appeals to some people and is legal to run in the same class as 125 2t,258 2t and 250f's. Plus some Vets like it. A link to your opinion/answer probably doesn't exist, I will keep searching. lol.

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