TTR 90 v. 110

My 8 year old has driven the 90 for 6 months and his little brother just got it when I picked up a new TTR 110....strangely the 110 appears to have less power than the 90...


ive ridden both at the dealership i work at, and they arnt that different , but the 110 definatly has more power.

not to offend but what the point of upgrading from 90 to a 110? y not a 125?

To me, the point is to gain another 1.5" of seat height when upgrading to TTR110. An R90 is going to become quite small for a beginner 9-10 yr old whereas the R110 would fit them perfect.

A TTR125 has 4" more seat height over the R110,k not to mention another 50lbs heavier plus requiring skills to use a manual clutch. No way someone under 11 yrs old is going to be able to reach the ground on an R125.

I have both and the 110 definitely has more power than the 90.

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