Should I use this tire?

Hi. Don't attack me if this is a stupid question as this is my first time posting to this site. I own a 2002 YZ426F (I know it's outdated) and I don't get a chance to ride very often but when I do I like to ride on MX tracks and trail here in Utah which for the most part has intermediate to hard pack terrain. I purchased a brand new Maxxis Maxxcross IT Desert tire in a size 100/90-19 for a ripping deal ($23.00) through a lost/damaged freight company and was wondering if my bike would handle okay and have good traction if I used this tire size in lieu of the 110/90-19 that came stock on the bike? Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated.

That's a screaming deal. You could sell it on and put that cash towards the right size. It's not that big of a difference either, you could just run it since you have it. I'm also assuming that you meant 100/90-19

PS. Welcome to TT. It's a great place for good info.

Hi Delta 41, Oops my bad, it is a 100/90-19. I just put it on last night to see if I can get $40.00 out of it. Rocky Mountain ATV doesn't carry the Maxxis Maxxcross IT Desert in a 100/90-19 to see what they want for it, but I did find that Moto-X-Outlet down in Orem has it for $51.99, while they have the 110/90-19 for $55.99 which is less than Rocky Mountain ATV. I'll wait and see if I can sell it, but just looking at the tire it looks like a nice piece of meat. I didn't know if the smaller size would be more likely to spin on the rim or not. Thanks for your input.

Hey Delta 41, I noticed that you have a TT-R125LE. My daugther has a 2002 TT-R125L. I was wondering, have you done any modifications to it? I put BBR front and rear springs on her's and it turned it into a great little bike. Also, I didn't spring for a BBR chain guide, but I used an older YZ80 chain guide with a custom mounting plate and it seems to work great. I've heard that the TT-R125 can throw chains rather easily with the stock chain guard and it can end up breaking the engine case if the chain becomes wedged between the countershaft sprocket and the case. Oh well, take care and thanks again.

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