2008 te610 computer to sm help

anyone know why i cant get my speedo to go into program mode for my sm rim swap? i keep trying according to instructions, and all i get is -END- then step 8. is the 08 computer different?

TE610 speedo setup:


Make sure you hold the mode button down through the entire boot process and continue to hold it down while flashing the lights. If you release, or even wiggle, the mode button it will jump to end.

Other things to check: Do you have the headlight switch off? Do the high beams flash when you hit the passing light? Try the high beam button instead of the flash and make sure the high beam come on while still holding the mode button down. Out of desperation you might try activating the clutch five times. Dirt bike models use the clutch switch for speedo setup sense they don't have a high beam flash.

Try the simple things first. Make sure you have a good grip on the mode button and hold it down through the entire boot process and don't release it until after the high beam flash. Make sure your headlight is lit and responds to the high beam flash.

I think you have to unplug the power supply to the computer and let it reboot before you start the process of reprograming it. Once you have made the selection of running a TE or Sm it stays there until the power supply is unplugged and wont let make other choices. At least I think thats how it works.:thumbsup:

ok, ive left it disconnected for 10 minutes, i need to try longer?

If the computer is locked up the reboot would help. If it is working OK you can switch into and out of TE mode w/o a reboot.

But since nothing is working for you a reboot may help.

ok, got it. the instruction need to be amended. on my 08 at least.

hold mode down, turn key on , pull clutch and START the bike, thats the only way it will accept high beam input.

i had to have MORE than two hands to do al that.

So whats the deal on an 08?

Does the engine have to be running for the headlight to work?

Or just for the high beam?

the engine has to be running for high, or low beam to work.

Cool! That has got to be easier on the battery. Does the running light stay on or the whole thing go dead?

I will update the speedo setup instructions.

running light comes on with the key, thats it.

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