Please don't waste your money (E-series users)

Just for the heck of it, I decided to spend the money and get the new (Quiet Core II) insert from White Bros....

I have my own Radio Shack Noise meter....

To make a long story short.....It's a Joke.

Tested with 12 disks..... 102

Tested With 12 disks and a Turn down (No Blocking Plate)...103

Tested with 12 Disks/Turn Down/and Quiet Core II ...100

So, for about $38.00 WB can reduce the volume from wide open down 3db, and it still wouldn't pass a California sound check.

By the way tested with 5 disks and the blocking plate was 92db....But at a price of a little loss of power.

Bonzai :)


i have an e series for my yz (if my motor isn't fragged), was it a loss of power you could live with?



Have you tried repacking your silencer. Just curious. I think mine is long over due...


The power loss was noticable...It tamed the low end hit, but the mid and top was not that bad. I had to play with the FS a bit because of the exhaust restriction. I would say it would be ok to play ride with but I don't think I would ever consider racing with that setup.


I would probably do better if I repacked the can....Mine has not been packed since last spring. I have been having problems getting replacement rivets from WB....That's the only thing holding that up.....

How's the new house thing going?


Bonzai :)


thanks! useful tip.. i don't race.. only race those little kids on the 50s.. they are more my speed... :)

Kaze, I have the Pro-Curcuit T-4 "Quiet Core". That little insert is the biggest piece o crap that has ever been invented.. A total after thought. My bike barely runs with it in. I wish I could just bolt a KTM pipe on my bike cuz those inserts are a total joke....


Why do you need the White Bros rivets? I don't see why some standard rivets of the correct size wouldn't work just as good. I once took apart a Yosh can for a superbike and had no problems with ordinary rivets..

House...House is great. Not sure if I told you, but we ended up finding a much nicer house with a similar floor plan. It was a spec home and ready to move in, which was a huge bonus. It cost about $20,000 more, but we ended up getting a better interest rate and kept our mortgage payment right where we needed it to be. House is great, best part is having a garage to work in for a change. Now I just need to out fit it properly with tools and the usual stuff.


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