CRF 450R clutch slipping?

i have a 06 450r and it seems to me the clutch it start to slip a little. i can really tell on a huge hill here in my town. i'll be in 4th gear and hardly make it to the top, it seems like its still reving but doen't start having the tire spin until towards the top. first when i got my bike it would eat the hill for fun. also coming onto the bike super hard in a high gear from lower rpm you can feel something weird. any help?



new plates and springs should do the trick

I would imagine all you need to do is drop in a new set of FRICTION DISKS ...

Your plates should be fine :thumbsup:

ok, thanks.

put the plates in also 1 warped plate can ruin the clutch changeout a warped plate can take a lot of freespace causing clutch drag

Make sure your clutch adjustment isn't too tight first.

If adjustment doesn't work and clutch plates and fibers are good, check the inner clutch hub and clutch basket for grooving.

I had to replace to replace both, even with new plates and fibers it would hang up and slip.

Just replaced the clutch in my 06 because it was doing the same thing. Got a complete clutch kit from Motosport for $130. Put the new clutch in with some new oil and it's good to go. These things will happen and I am glad I got this long out of the original clutch. I am not a clutch abuser, but MX is hard on clutches to begin with. If this is your first one, count your blessings.

Make sure your clutch adjustment isn't too tight first.

i'm running aobut quarter to half a inch of play, but i find i'm constantly adjusting it in and out trying to keep it where it should be

Might want to check the clutch hub and basket for grooving the plates get hung on the grooves in the hub and the fibers get hung on the grooving in the basket.

My hub was worse than the basket.

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