01 GSXR600 Exhaust Installed.....PICS

Got my Hindle midpipe today and created my custom exhaust from a complete 2001 GSXR 600 exhaust system. First I did a dry fit of the mid-pipe and the silencer. The midpipe and silencer did not touch so I cut the flange and pipe off the stock headers and it slipped over the midpipe quite easily and tight. The hanger on the 600 can worked perfectly without cutting and rewelding it the only cut and weld was the pipe/flange piece. With it all bolted on, I tacked it, pulled it off and welded. Ground the weld smooth, added a little heat paint and on went the entire system, popped in my jet kit, modded the airbox and it was riding time! Great sound and performance upgrade! Heres what I did in picture form:

Dry Fit:







And of course a sound clip:


Nice job!

Good mod by extending the pipe and not cutting/welding the mount on the can.:thumbsup:

When I first read it and before I saw the photo I thought it might stick out past the fender, maybe looking a bit out of place. :thumbsup: It doesn't and it looks good. It sounds great too, one of the better sound clips I'd say.:thumbsup:

I've got the pipe, muffler, and am waiting for a guy at work to make me a flange out of stainless. (Two actually, I'll have an extra) Can't wait to get it and put on!:thumbsup:

Very nice! My setup is nearly the same, but I'm using the Supertrapp midpipe instead of the Hindle one. The can on my bike sticks out the same too, but I like it!

I think it really does sound excellent, not loud but real nice throaty tone! Its definetly high flow too. And to a person who wouldnt know, you could think its stock if you wanted to.

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