Shops in Montreal/Quebec City area?

Hi fellow DRZers!

I'm a Finn on a one week trip to Canada. Towards the end of this week I'll have few days for myself and I thought taking advantage of the strong €. Can any Montreal / Quebec City folks recommend some good places where I could get good deals on enduro gear? I'm also looking for jets for my Mikuni TM36 carb so also info about places to get them is welcome. Thanks already in advance!!

well.. considering the strenght of your currency, pretty much any place will do.. because we tend to buy from the states around here lol... pretty expensive (compared to the states imo) in the stores..

will you be in montreal or in quebec? there's a good 3 hour drive between those two is the name of the province, but also the name of our capital city (is that how it is said in english? lol)

in montreal there's this store ''moto internationale'' that has a pretty good selection, BUT I must admit, I've been there only for road stuff (sport bike boots) so I don't know what they have as far as enduro gear is concerned..

there's another place that could have more stuff for you, it's in terrebonne (about 20min drive/ride from montreal) on the north shore, it's called moto illimitées and I know there's some offroad stuff there.. so might have better luck there!

and in laval (island right next to montreal) there's my little shop where I like to go that has a pretty limited selection of parts and equipment, but he has almost only off road stuff, boots. protectors, helmets, etc.. maybe he has some jets in stock I could ask him I'm going there tomorrow to buy goodies for my drz!! :thumbsup: the name of the place is Moto expert, the guy's name is Bryan and he's super nice!

here's a map

his shop is in the back of another store(bicycle store), pretty hard to see, but he always parks a bike up front when he's open, I know he opens tuesday to saturday, opening at 10am and generally closing at 6pm

Welcome to the hood...If in Laval, you may want to look at Laval Moto. They are a local Suzuki Dealer where I bought my SM last year and have a good stock of gear.

Pretty easy to get to (Right off a main highway)

Ask for Flo....he is the local SUpermoto guru and can help you out wih any parts you need.


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