Mountain Home Update


We Are Trying Real Hard To Get Mt Home Open As Soon As Possible. I Spent 3 Days On A Bush Hog Weekend Of The 4th. Really Need A Brush Cutter .anybody Want To Volunteer One? Supposed To Be Getting A Dozer This Week. Still Have To Put Up Fence And Put In Sprinkler System. If Anyone Has Irrigation Sprinklers Or Pipe, Or Fenceing They Would Like To Donate Call Me At (828)775-5477 Before 10:30 Pm. ANY DAY.

what type of fencing is needed? I may have a few ideas. any chance the track will be open this weekend (first of aug.) ???

i think the owner said it had to be 8 foot high but could be horse fence. around 400 foot if i recall.

I can provide an almost unlimited amount of this rolled up nylon mesh that resembles chain link fencing, it is normally used for certain types of erosion control but if cut and attatched to fence posts properly, it would strongly resemble a tough, black plastic chain link fence.

This material is in large rolls that would need to be cut to size. The owner of said material would be happy to get ridof it!@!@

We walked the track and grounds yesterday, the place is obviously being worked on with a new perimeter fence up (required by the county), parking area was cleaned up and mowed and track had been groomed.

A couple guys working there said it'll open maybe next weekend and to stop by around the end of the week to see.

When asked about volunteering we were told none are needed and yet there's alot still to do. :ride:

I'd say they're in no real hurry to open but seem committed to do so just the same.

Please call me at (828) 775-5477.

The County Inspector Came Out Friday And Said We Have To Put Up An Additional 300 Ft Of Fence. As Far As Help The Only Help We Could Use Right Now Is A Brush Cutter. Please Dont Be At Track When Nobody Is There, We Have Had Several Items Stolen And Vandalized And The Sheriff's Office Is Watching Track And Will Stop You If Seen On Property. If You Have Any Questions Call Me At (828)775-5477.

The county inspector passed the fence. Dennis Cameron is supposed to be coming to re work track and clear brush as soon as he finishes job hes on. Cant put in sprinklers till hes done.

any idea when this will be?

I think it would be good to just re face everything with a tractor and run it as it was rather than mellowing it all out. There are too many beginner level (boring) tracks around already. Just my .02

Track is reworked. Working on irrigation. Dont think it will be this weekend unless we get a lot of rain. Maybe next weekend. I will post when open.

Thanks for keeping us informed Kenny :)

dont think it will be anytime soon seeing as how henderson county has a water restriction. an irrigation would cause an uproar with the water shortage and you know someone would complain. oh well, closer than before :)

Yeah but they'd be pulling water out of the creek that runs along the property, how can they find fault with that.

Nevermind, I just realized how redundant that question is. :)

haha goosedog. well looks like i was wrong! opening tomorrow :)

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