tire size confusion '97 DR350SE

Just bought a pristine '97 DR350SE over the weekend. It has offroad knobbies on right now that are a little spooky on the road if you get to 50mph or so. I will be riding the majority of the time on pavement..maybe a 90/10. Anyway I already read threads on suggested tires and am looking at IRC's or Kenda's. The front is a 80/100-21 and the rear a 110/100-18 on stock rims(no idea what size rims are). When I go to look for tires most of what I see are these 5.1 blah yada bing sized tires. Will any of these inch-measured tires fit my rims? I need something stable for streets. I am new to motorcycles again so the tire deal is somewhat confusing right now. Thanks!

Stock is 90/90/21 or you can use a 100/80/21

Rear is 110/90/18 or you can use a 110/80, 110/100, or 120/80.

I think the stock rear is somewhere around a 4.10/18 and the 110/100 is around a 4.25/18.

Stock front tire is 3.25-3.5/21.

What kind of tires are on it and condition? Do you want to sell?

My new 07 DR-650 has 120/70-17's on it stock with the bridgestoneTR-22's....

There's some great smoothie tires made that fit our 350.

I'm currently running an Avon 90/90-21 Roadrunner on the front and a 100/90-18 Super Venom on the rear. This combo sticks like bubble gum to your shoe sole. I've even done some motard track days with it and it'll hold well at angles you shouldn't be at on the roads. It's also proven to be stable at any highway speed I'm willing to hold the revs at.... so 5500 rpm/65 mph tops other than one short burst to 75 mph where it was still stable.

Sadly in going over to check on the Avon site I don't see these tirea offered anymore. But if you can find some right away from a dealer I highly recomend them. I know they were available roughly a year back so there may be some stock that is still fresh enough to be worth buying if you can buy now.... I don't know what I'll get now that these are no longer available. I LUV these things.

Before I had the Avons I was running a Trailwing front and a Pirelli Scorpion MT90 rear that worked very well. But something cut the tread or made it split right to the cords. I ended up replacing the both tires with the Avons thanks to reports from a fellow TT member talking about the Avon combo for "stock" or Sportsman motard racing. In checking the Pirelli site I see that I can't get the 120-18 rear any longer. Oh well, technically it was too wide for the rim anyway. Trailwings are also available for both ends and if you're not looking for ultimate lean angle they are nice road options with a stable feel at highway survival speeds. And cheap too.

Bridgestone also has BT45's in our sizes that are darned good too. While I have not tried them myself I know a lot of folks are using them on the mini motard racers that do not allow full on racing rubber.

In any event avoid the lure of the "phat" tire. Stick to sizes as close to what the rims will properly fit as you can. And since we can find sizes that do fit there's no reason to start fudging the deck.

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