Renazco seat durability

After two 300km rides on back to back evenings on my 07 SM I definitely need a new seat. Would like to hear from anyone who has a Renazco Racing seat with a suede top. How does the suede hold up after a few washings and the odd run in the rain/mud? Do they age quick or keep looking good? They sure sound like the seat to get.

aah that's good to know.i'm expecting my renazco seat in nov.

loop,great post and pics btw.those kind of trips i like to do over here on the the 300mi mountain drives but my stock seats suck hard.they feel like a carpeted 2x4.they're probably fine for off road as you stand much of the time but for street use they leave much to be desired.i find my self standing(when the cops aren't looking) much of the time to relieve the stress than to sit on that torture device.i do it anyway because i like riding so much.

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