What bike is this?

Is this a WR 250 or a YZ WR 250 ?


the plate says YAMAHA BFM WR250

im guessing a yz cause it looks like theres evedence of a Z on the shrout just a guess thouhg:excuseme:

I rang the bike shop and think it's answered. Apparently it's the same as a 1997 YZ 250 except with a compliance plate for road use. It has a Wide Ratio box therefore called a WR 250. Nice!

just looks like a yz 250 to me

a wr250? :thumbsup:

that bike is either not in the US or is a grey market bike.....they did not make that style WR in the US, they stopped in 96 with the older style...it was Yamaha's 2 stroke trailbike, think RMZ250 2 stroke.....or the kdx 2 strokes

a wr250? :thumbsup:

Ummm, yes. :thumbsup:

This may come as a suprise to you but Yamaha made WR250's and W200's that were 2 stroke loooong before the thumpers were competitive. Actually before you were born even. There was a world before 4 strokes and the model WR was not invented with the 4 strokes.

The WR250 stopped production in the mid 90's if I recall correctly. It had older rame and plastc than mid 90's YZ's. That plastic and frame looks mid/late 90's. It is a YZ.

In 1997, TWO seperate WR250 2 strokes were available in Canada - the WR250ZJ (I had one, it looks like a '94 YZ250) and the WR250Z1J (which looked exactly like a '97 YZ250, but had a wide ratio tranny and lighting coil).

In 1998, the only model offered was the newer style bike. I believe the WR 2 stroke was discontinued here after '98.

So if its a canadian bike, its either a 97 or 98, easy to tell by the color of the plastic. A 97 will be navy blue, while the 98 has the newer purply blue frame and plastic.

Sorry, it's in Australia. The plate only says "WR 250" with no further letters. 6 speed wide ratio, lighting coil. I'm hoping all else is the same as a 1997 YZ. Yeah, I didn't think they made them after 1998 here either but there was a 2005 model on ebay.com.au a few days ago. Looked genuine, lights/indicators and all. Bidding was heading to 6k pretty quick :thumbsup:

That would fit. I think they kept the 2 stroke WR there until '99. That model WR was a YX with just a couple different parts. The older style one I had was quite a bit different than the YZ.

Its a genuine japanese 97 WR250, not the aussie converted YZWR, the BFM stands for Bert Flood Motors, they complianced the bike.

My brother used to have one which is now in my friends hands, I rebuilt a lot of the bike and know them quite well, they are nice bikes.

wow thanks mate! Nice info :thumbsup: It's apparently had a rebuild, else is stock, dent in pipe, need to buy lights (were sold). Know any differences in comparison to the YZ apart from gearbox and lights?

Hi Vintage, do you know which model YZ parts are on this bike? Thanks

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