Help! Stripped allen nut on front brake rotor

I was in the process of replacing a front brake rotor on my 07 450

and stripped one of the allen bolts that attach the rotor to the wheel.

I ordered new bolts so my problem is getting this stubborn nut off.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. (wish they would make these

things a little sturdier than soft aluminum):thumbsup:

Use a Dremel with a small cut off wheel to make a little "slot" in the allen head, then use a big flat head screwdriver to back it out.

Exact thing happened to me and it worked like a charm. Just be careful not to cut the rotor.

Good luck :thumbsup:

Also might want to try a little heat, I believe the bolts have lock tight on them.

Did both the cut with a roto zip and a little heat...worked like a champ

thanx for the input guys:ride:

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