Engines Only Supertrapp discs on a stock 230l pipe

Has anyone one here used that set up yet? How does it sound? Did you have to jet the carb? Did you keep the stock baffle in? Feel free to add in any imput,and advise.

Thx in advance.

I used this on the 230, not the 230L

I like the adapter, installs easy, sound level is good, a little throaty but not loud. you can easily adjust the power range with different number of disks.

The best setup is to get an adapter for a cordless drill. (drill chuck to 3/8 socket adapter) then get a 3/8 drive allen wrench socket.

Be careful not to use high speed, you can heat the threads and lock them up.

For the money this is a great pipe adapter. I purchased this.....then shortly after i moved up to the full engines only exhaust system.

good luck


Thx vmeadows for the tip!:thumbsup:

check out the post "just got 230l" he has one on the first page . I just gutted the cap(cut the small pipe out of it).It's a little loud but thats the way there suppose to be.

Very cool. I did read that thread prior to posting my question. I seen in the second pic the crf230l had a black pipe with the supertrapp discs, but the pipe had a 'engines only' decal on it. Maybe that threw me off! Thx sdd74

The pipe in the photo is the Engines Only pipe and header. But Engines Only also makes an end cap that goes on the stock Honda pipes.

We have put the end caps on my buddies CRF100F and CRF150F with the jetting kit from EO and they worked great.

They are listed at the bottom of the home page. http://xr100.com/

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