XR100 Motor Options

OK - here's the big question: My '02 XR100 was flogged by the previous owner(s) and needs freshening up. The budget isn't huge, so am I better served by a TB or BBR big bore kit vs putting one of the Lifan motors into the XR frame? I'm pretty handy but not interested in a big frame cutting project. I searched but haven't been able to find any conclusive info on what's involved in fitting one of these motors into the XR frame. Has anybody done this?

The Lifan engine are not a replacement bolt in, as you mentioned. The 150 and 200 Lifan engines are physically larger that the XR100, and are replacement engines for the newer 150/230f and the XR200 based engines. The Lifan offers a 100 that should be close to the size of the XR100 engine but it is a 4 speed trans:thumbsdn: . With the Lifan option, you will be limited accesse to OEM parts and no aftermarket/performance support.

IMHO,You be much happier with the your current XR100, freshened with BBR120 kit, maybe the valves too, and enjoy. Parts will be a dealership away.

Good luck:thumbsup:

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