PW80? Anyone know anything?

Considering getting one of these bikes (yamaha PW80) for a playbike (no jumping). Considering it vs a klx110.

Anyone have any experience with them?

Very little info on them is available.

Why don't I want one for my 7 year old and 5 year old?

They are great little bikes, tough as nails. My boy had one before getting his 65.

Thanks. Most all the places I've seen, try to talk people out of the PW80 vs the klx110. You and one other person (and maybe "jamracing" on here) are the only ones that have recommended the bikes.

My oldest, 7 year old races fast 50's and he's riding a kx65 quite a bit now and will probably race it soon. I'm looking for something he can play around on with his younger brother around the house where we have some trails.

Do you think it would be an appropriate bike?

Does your boy still like riding it after getting his 65?

Do you have any experience with klx110's? If so, can you give me the pros and cons you see between the bikes?

Did you consider a JR80 (the two stroke suzuki)?

I bought my 7yr old boy a pw80 used $400.....He started on a pw50...both are great bikes and easy to work on, and lots of parts on ebay. The 80 wouldnt be a good race bike, not a lot of suspension travel.

PW80 is a bullet proof bike. I have tuned mine up and it's fun to ride for adults and kids. Had a family gathering over July 4th and it was pulling my rather large relatives around with ease. One slammed it into a truck. Need a new set of forks now but still runs great. Pretty cheap parts also.

Thanks for the additional replies. Good to see everyone is leaning towards the klx110. I just about bailed on the idea of the PW80, now I'm kind of leaning that direction.

I'm thinking my 5 year old will have an easier time riding that than the klx (20 lbs lighter and 2" lower seat height). He really wants something with gears like his brother, but we also rode a crf50 this weekend, and while it might be ok for the 5 year old, I'm not interested in it anymore for the 7 year old.

How are they to start? I'm assuming they start much easier than the klx? 7 year old could NOT start the klx110 he rode this weekend (he's short... can actually start his KX65 easier than he could start the klx).

What's an almost new 2004 PW80 worth these days now that the klx has taken over?

The PW kicks over very easy, I don't think I would pay over $700. I agree with having a play bike and a race bike for the little guys. The 65 is to peaky for trail or play riding for my taste, I know they can be tamed down but I would rather ride then wrench. The PW was sold before he got the 65 but I have since picked up a older DS 80 (same as jr 80) for play. It's also a great little bike with manual clutch and headlight.

Wait, the KLX110 is 20 lbs lighter and 2" shorter seat height? for a 5 y/o? I obviously can't read...or do you want to put your 5 y/o on a klx 110? I hope not. I did see a video of a 6 y/o on one but it didn't look safe.


Thanks. I think I'm gonna get one, at least for my older boy.


No, the PW80 is 20lbs lighter than the klx110 and it also is 2" lower.

I don't know if I'll let the 5 year old ride it or not. He's riding fast 50's now (Cobra P3, and is quite capable of riding a jr bike.) He has ridden his brothers Sr Bike (same engine as his P3 & Junior bike... just different carbs and is taller... So I was kind of thinking he'd be able to ride it a little since I'm hearing the PW80 is nowhere near as fast as the fast 50's.... at least when he's 6. It's more or less that he just wants to change gears like his "big" brother. Just around the house.

Anyway, I take it you don't think it's a good idea. Because of the seat height or power or what?

the PW80 is a great bike along with the JR80.

these bikes are bullet proof, easy to fix very easy to maintain.

the pw80 is strong enuff to pull up any big hill but tame enuff to just have alot of fun on, every pw80 have worked on have been from jetting issues or carb gunk only from sitting to long, the stator electronics everything is bullet proof on these bikes just gas and go, im actually looking for a jr80/pw80 to pull my wife around with,

FYI the pw80- is very easy to start compared to a klx110,

my 7yr old has no problem starting his pw80 it starts on the first kick always.

Suzuki DS80 :ride:;):p The toughest kids bike ever built. My son had one after his PW80. A friend lent it to us while we waited for the new KX65. Our friend bought it new and it had been abused beyond belief by his son who was then 16yo and also raced a YZ250F. The DS is 9yo now and still on its original piston and rings!!! I found it tough to get 2nd hand parts from bike wreckers too, as they are all still running.

IMO probably a better play bike for your KX65 rider than the PW80. Much more fun for "grown ups?" to play on as well.

I dont think i have ever even been on or seen anyone ever ride a ds80,(that i can recall) what is so different from the jr80 then the ds80 if i may ask,? and what yrs did they make the ds80?

I dont think i have ever even been on or seen anyone ever ride a ds80,(that i can recall) what is so different from the jr80 then the ds80 if i may ask,? and what yrs did they make the ds80?

The DS80 came out before the JR80. Believe me the one we had, copped a ton of abuse at the hands of my friends son, with little or no maintainence at all!!!

I know the DS has a 12" rear wheel so it gets the take offs from the 65. I'm sure the Jr. is the same size wheel.

where is the injector pump gear that i need to remove. i don't want to pull the wrong cover and have to buy two gaskets.

A DS80 has a 5 speed transmission and a full manual clutch setup.

Not only that, even though the two bikes in question have the same wheel sizes, the seat height is about 2" taller on the DS/JR80, thus the mfr built the DS/JR80 for a more advanced and older child rider, like from 8.5 yrs to 11 yr olds

i bought aa PW80 about 2 months ago. My son loves it. he is 9, and loves trail riding. I agree the bike is easy to maitain, and to work on. I even enjoy playing on it.

Did you know it does have a exhaust restrictor. With it in, the bike is very nimble. Take it out and WHOA! Whole new ride. Adults are amazed when they try it. Great fun bike!

I for got to ask, Does anyone know of a rear shock, or rear spring upgrade for the PW80.

cannon racecraft and pro action both make aftermarket springs for them

try cannon racecraft they do great work:thumbsup:

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