Pipes for 2001 kdx 220r PC or FMF HELP!

Hi i am getting new pipes for my 2001 kdx 220r but i cant choose between Pro circuit or fmf i know there both good companys

Im choosing between the

Fmf gnarly woodspipe and the powercore 2 silencer beacuse i cant seem to find the rev any where? maybe cuz i live in canada but im not sure


Pro circuit Platinum 2 pipe and the factory 304 silencer

Which should i get?

recommendations please!

I ride mostly trails and sand dunes every once in a while i dont ride track very much but i love to ride em when i can!

So which combination fmf or pc? any suggestions?



FMF Gnarly Rev pipe, only if you cannot grab hold of a Pro Circuit Platinum pipe.

procircuit 2 only way to fly

had both on the hybrids liked the pro circuit way better

Another vote for the PC2 after running a FMF rev. Just works better overall IMHO

so pc it is

Thanks alot guys was gunna go with fmf but i think ill go with pc now

FMF REV. What are you guys doing smoking Crack??!!!!!!lol

Green Hornet

but i do alot of trail riding and isnt the rev for deset n stuff?

but i do alot of trail riding and isnt the rev for deset n stuff?

Yes. but the 220 already has the low end and you need to boost the mid-top of it to make the whole powerband more rippin'. Jeff Fredette says the Gnarly woods pipe on the 220 doesn't work.

I have the Gnarlyon my KDX. Now, if you have the desire to haul butt on loggin roads and are not so much up for the tight sloppy slippery stuff then dont get the gnarly. It will definitely dissappoint. You will lose a ton of top speed. But, if you do want and like all that the aforementioned then it is not a bad option. With the little extra grunt in the bottom of your gears that it helps provide, you will be happy. The Fatty is not a bad option for what you are looking at either. It will cover the top end of the power band more and allow it to breathe a bit easier at higher speeds. Also giving you a little more on the speedometer. I used to have that on my KDX also. But it did not handle the crashes well at all. A couple minor lay overs and that pipe had a couple serious dents and the weld cracked in the middle of the expansion chamber. The fatty also works well with the Pro Circuit trail silencers.

well i ordered the pc platinum 2 pipe and the factory sound 304 silencer cuz i love bikes LOUD! hope i made the ride choice

Hopefully none of your neighbors join the fight to shutdown the riding areas cuz of loud bikes.

all my neighbors like my bikes :ride: so no worries there

If you like loud bikes, you should have just skipped the silencer and run it without one.

Pugnasty, FMF only sells the Gnarly Rev and Gnarly Woods for KDX's now.

you can actually do that run it with out the silencer? its not bad for it i no u can with 4 strokes but 2's ?

smokers need back pressure to run properly whereas the 4 broke bikes need none. put on a shorty if you want loud but don't ride it out here where the environazi's no doubt are installing solar powered microphones in the forest.:ride:

Oh, I didn't say it was good or bad, you just seem intent on making it loud. Most people don't live in a magical land where people love loud bikes. Most people hate loud bikes, especially people who comparatively have spent a lot more to have a "peace and quiet" home instead of the cost of a pipe and silencer.

haha i like my magical land

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