update regarding fork set up for o5

i posted a week ago i was blowing fork seals and was looking for advice. between what i read on here and talking to people i went with heavier oil(7wt) and a revalve. wow. what a difference. when i picked the bike up i was a little wooried because the forks felt super stiff. so i went back 2 clicks with the comp before practice sunday and it felt great. end result? 2 holeshots, and a 1-1. this was at a primaraly sand track with a little clay. jumping this bike was like a whole different deal.and it cornered like a mutha. thanx for all the advice, and suggestions. this site rules.....:thumbsup:

interesting, never tried 7wt, what brand 7 wt did you use, also what sort of stack did you settle with?

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