step seat, yes or no?

i'm thinking a step seat would be helpfull, these bikes have a ton of power and the general rule is to stay they really help? are they hard to get used to? worth the money?

Some love them some don't. Unless your fast as hell you probley don't need one.

Love mine, you don't have to be fast to need one. We have a 4th gear sweeper on our track leading to a 100' plus step down jump. Hammering on the gas out of the corner, the stock gripper seat was pulling my pants off. The pants would grip the seat, I would slide out of the pants. They're great in tight corners too.

Good point, but if your doing a 100ft. step down, your fast enough to need one.

I love mine, however, I use a custom made hump seat as opposed to a traditional step seat. I posted this thread a little while back on how to make one for next to nothing, and it actually works very well. Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions.:thumbsup:

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