painting my dirtbike

hey wuts up everyone i just joined this forum so im a newbie...

i want to paint my 1994 ktm 300 exc dirtbike flat black to get rid of that white frame color and those purple and yellow decals that came stock on the bike but im not really sure what to use..ive mostly heard its good to use krylon fusion. but im kinda nervous about using spray paint....can u guys help me out???....

my best advice would be to not paint your bike. if you want you can buy black plastics and decals...not paint it. the only things that could be painted is the metal and it would need to be with a better quality paint and done by a professional.

I just had my frame, subframe and tripleclamps powdercoated. You have to have the old powdercoating sandblasted off first, so my total turned out to be about $240 (which was pretty much in line with all the quotes I got before I took it in).

Regular ol' paint won't do it. If you're not interested in powdercoating, there's a couple of other options: You can have it nickel plated, or there's a new type of powdercoating that has a lot of plastic in the actual coating, so that it is much more flexible and holds up better to dirt bike abuse.

But if you rattlecan it, it will look like crap in a hurry.

I was pretty happy with my results. He didn't plug all the threaded holes, which I thought he was going to, but it didn't take too long to chase them out afterwards. It's got a couple of nicks in it, but not too bad since my first ride after reassembling the bike was in some seriously rocky singletrack. And luckily I have a bottle of nail polish just that color :thumbsup:

ya i was thinkin bout that but I was lookin at new plastics and there are none for 1994 its like there out of production everywhere i look...the earliest ones ive seen are about 98...

thanks for all the advice but i dont have that money right now...and i think i can deal with the frame color its just the plastics that are killin was readin up about the krylon fusion paint and it said that it was a paint that was specifically for paintng surfaces with plastic and it immediatley bonded to them...i think im just gonna try that for right now and if it turns out to look like crap then at least i havent wasted alot of money ya know... but do you have any other suggestions tho???

Better to deal with it than jack it up with cheap paint. Save your $$ for tires, fuel and oil!

Oh wait, I just saw that you said "plastic." I thought you were wanting to paint your frame. DEFINITELY do not paint your plastic! I've seen that done, and it looks like ass, because even the toughest, most expensive paint WILL crack and chip off plastic when you flex it in a crash.

Seriously ... keep your money for stuff that makes it run better: suspension work, motor stuff, and gas and oil to go RIDE it. If your buddies give you shit for the way it looks, just roost em.

ya that was my mistake the frame itself is black but the plastics are all white with those shitty purple and yellow decals from the early 90's...ugh....ya i think ill take ur advice...ill probably just end up rippin off the stickers and just have it lookin flat white.....

another question...the seat on my bike is really slippery and i want a new seat for it but i cant find a whole seat for my year of bike all i can find are seat covers that apparently you just stretch over the foam and staple to the underside....have u ever heard of those....

Yes I have. I've used them, and still have the stock foam on my seat though I'm on probably my 3rd cover.

I will say that the Factory FX one I have is crap; it ripped way more easily from my knee braces than the other ones I've had. However, it was cheaper, so there ya go.

They're kind of annoying but not super difficult to install. I toss mine in the dryer for a few minutes to heat it up, make it soft and easier to stretch. If it's hot out you can put it in the sun for a few minutes to do the same thing.

Get a good staple gun--I like this one because the handle is reversed from "normal" ones, and it is much easier to staple with. Make sure the staples aren't too long, or they'll poke through the seat. Sometimes having another person to stretch and hold the seat while you staple helps.

Or, you can pay any auto upholstery shop $15 or so to do it for you.

ya the factory fx ones didnt have my model but there was another brand called ceet racing or something like that and those ones looked pretty good..

so do you just staple the cover the the frame around the foam or what??

Yup, stretch the cover over the foam, and staple it into the plastic seat base. I usually start from the front because the front of the cover has a pocket, and then I work backward from there, stretching as I go.

I had a CEET one for a while and it held up fairly well. I'm mostly a trail geek, so they all have limited lifespans because a stick or rock is going to eventually tear them up.

alright cool....ya i ride out in the open alot more so tearin shouldnt be a you would recommend ceet....from what i could see there seats had a pretty grippy texture is that true??

Which one are you looking at? I see two on their web page:

The plain black one is all grippper material, and the fancy one is gripper on the top and smooth vinyl on the sides. It takes a while to get used to all-gripper seat if you're used to a plain one, because when you are used to sliding around and suddenly can't, you'll have some funny moments. But they're great if you ride in rain or mud a lot.

The one I had was the second one because I had the graphics to match. Normally I would not say to get one that has different sides, because the seam is a weak point, but the CEET ones seem to be made well. But without the graphics the seat would look kind of funky, so the all black one might be your best bet.

ya i was lookin at the first one because first off i have 94 300 and the second ones was 98-present or whatever...and ya it would look weird to have a seat with black and orange and a white frame wit white plastics.... so i think that the first one is gunna be the one i buy...

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