My first MI Supermoto track day on the DRZ

Well, for the first time I took my new (to me) DRZ400SM out to the Auto City SuperMoto track this weekend for a new experience in motorcycling. Man was that fun, but also a very different riding experience. Everything is just a little different. The biggest difference I would have to say is braking. You have to be very smooth with the brakes as that over-sized rotor grabs hard if you squeeze too hard initially, especially on the dirt section. Which speaking of was the most intimidating section of the track when first going out there. Before I did my first lap in the dirt section I was so worried about the fact that I was going to ride a bike with street tires on it, in the dirt and actually try to do jumps with it. After I did my fist lap I was kicking myself in the proverbial ass, saying "what the hell were you all worried about, that was easy". I was surprised at how "well" the street tires hooked up in the dirt. It just seemed like I was riding my dirt bike in one of the races right after a rain in the mud, but it hadn't rained that much and the track was dry. In fact I even did all the jumps on the first lap. Yes that even surprised me, but that section was just that easy I couldn't believe it. You could really tell the street riders verses the dirt riders in that section. I passed quite a few people in that section that passed me back in the pavement sections. I knew going in that the DRZ was not known for being a big powerhouse of a motor (also I could tell the difference right away in comparison to my YZ), but I really found out how much when I got on the track with the other YZs, CRFs and KTMs that were converted to Sumo bikes. Out of every corner I'd be wide open and they would just pull away from me like I was dragging that extra fifty pounds the DRZ weighs on a chain behind me. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the stock Dunlop D208s held in the corners though. I did use every bit of those tires too. I checked when I got the bike on the stand and the tires were scrubbed all the way to the very edges. I have to say it's pretty cool to have the bike tapped out around a high banked corner, foot out scrapping an the ground, and having to cock your head all the way up to your shoulder just to see straight out of the corner because you're leaned over so far. Then having to straighten up, down shift three times into second and feather the clutch, tires chattering/squealing as you slide the bike on the pavement sideways into a one hundred and eighty degree corner on the straightaway and head back the other way to turn into the infield for the tight corners and dirt section. It was quite the rush and definitely a lot more friendly to the body, for the older fatter version of myself, than that all out motocross stuff. I may have to try to do this stuff more often, who knows. Just got to figure if it's worth converting the YZ for the lighter weight and more hp, or modding the DRZ motor and dealing with the extra weight. What do you guys think would be better?

That sounds like fun!

Good review of the day, I am trying to do the same out here as well but have not found a track yet..must be something eh?

I have set up a track in a parking lot and got a taste of it..kinda like Crack eh! Want more but have already thought it through.

Love my DR BUT two things.

1, its not a race bike and performs as such.

2, don't want to destroy it.

Looked at a CRF450 and it could be ready for track days for under $5000 CDN ready to go..much better option to me.


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