Older Thor Boots help

To All -

I have a really nice pair of older THOR boots that are missing 3 straps. Does anyone know where to find these older type straps?




your pic doesnt work its just a red x

Here's another attempt for the picture - please let me know if it doesn't show


i would contact thor directly. do you know the year/model of the boot?

Not sure of the year, but they are "LE2's."


Still looking for help. Even the lady at THOR was confused... I know some of you older riders (like myself) remember these style boots. I don't have a clue when they were made because I purchased them used...



Last time through.. The lady at THOR was MOST unhelpfull - said these are an older style and they don't carry any parts for them. Oh well, I hate to relegate these new boots to the trash heap but it looks like they are on the way...

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