shoulder surgery Dr. Mark

I had surgery on my shoulder/arm on June 24th. My injury was that I dislocated my left shoulder and broke my humurous bone right where it goes into the shoulder when I crashed on my bike. I had a plate inserted in the surgery to keep it stable. I have heard a lot of stories and am wondering how long it will be before I can get back on a bike. I am supposed to start my rehab in a day or so. Any suggestions/advice? I would appreciate it. BTW im left handed if that helps.

andrew j


If they hadn't started rehab until a month after surgery, you will need probably darn close to a year to get back to sports. What were they waiting for?

here are my xrays. I started rehab a few days ago and the guy said my range of motion is already better then it should be. I was hoping to get back on a bike in 3-4 months if I worked real hard. Any suggestions on exercises, or ways to strenghtin it?


YOu can start a weight program in six weeks.

The key also will be range of motion first and then strengthening as Dr. Mark mentioned in 6 weeks. That looks pretty good on the x-ray.

YOu can start a weight program in six weeks.

It has almost been six weeks from my surgery date. Do you have a suggested program? Thank-you again for all the advice!

First gain active range of motion.

first in the supine (laying down) position,

then sitting,

then standing.

After this you can start a weight program, assuming x-rays show further consolidation of the fracture.

Hey Dr mark for a break like that would you also do a bone graft to help it along?

Not necessary.

That fracture is in spongy bone which typically heals right up.

Comminuted fractures in cortical or compact bone do not heal as well and are grafted.

I learn something new everyday for this forum...

That make two fo us..

Wanted to give you an update on my progress. I saw my doc 2 days ago (2 months since my injury exactly) He said that my fracture is healing good. I'll post the xrays later. I have been doing my PT like im supposed to and he said that he still doesnt want me doing any weights for at least another month when he sees me again. Does that sound right? He said the fracture is not healed completely (you cant see it anymore in the xrays, but you can still see the discoloration/difference beteween the 2 bones) My dislocation was also out the back instead of the front. Would this make any difference? Just seems a little long and im eager to get back on my bike. Thank-you

it sounds like you are on track.

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