best aftermarket (larger) fuel tank for drz 400s?

Wondering if anyone has had good luck with a clarke fuel tank for a drz 400s. Need a larger tank for long trail riding. Any help -good or bad about clarke or other tanks would be helpful. Thanks

uh not sure if jetting is the right section bud u should try and post this in the drz 400 section u will get better results there

I have heard great things about the clarke tanks but put this in the drz forum

I prefer the 3.6 myself..the 3.9 looks weird to me with the big hump in front of the seat.

ims 3.2gallon

I have the Clarke 3.9 and have fuel range around 370km. Its definitely a noticeable weight up front when full but not really a problem. Single petcock only, so you have to tip way over sideways to get the fuel from the RH side of the tank. Easy to install, fit nice on my S model, I have the black but might have bought the natural (see thru) in retrospect. Magnetic tank bag doesn't work anymore. It is a bit wider, of course, but not enough to be an issue, and yes, the front of it sticks up quite a bit higher than stock. My seat also bent up a bit at the front and made a few wrinkles in the cover, but they worked flat after a couple of days riding. The fuel hose which I left the stock length, now does this funny gooseneck bend which I am thinking might trap water before it gets to the carb. Sounds like the two critical install points are cleaning the inside of the new tank well, and please cap your fuel inlet nipple on the carb AS SOON AS YOU TAKE OFF THE FUEL LINE!!!!!

All it takes is a speck of dirt or whatever to clog jets. Trust me, not long after the tank install I was removing my carb to get a very small bit of crap out of the main jet. Enjoy your new fuel range.

I have the Clarke. It is sometimes stated as 3.9 but it actually holds 4.2 or very near that. It does come up somewhat it front of the rider. Some like this some do not.

The Clarke does straddle the main bar on the bike's frame. When you run the tank really low you will have a pocket of fuel on the right side that will not flow by gravity to the petcock. You can get all the fuel to the petcock but you have to lean the bike to the left side to get it all to drain over there. If this is good or bad is up to you.

Some consider the above a nice fuel reserve system!

With 4 gallons it can be heavy but you don't have to fill it up if you go mx'ing etc. On a long ride to the wilderness, you will be able to fill it and go.

It is a well made, good functioning tank.

i have a 3.9 i just took off my bike and am looking to sell

would take 100 for it


I'm running the IMS 4.0, and I love it. It even fits with the Unabikers, contrary to what others say(it fit perfect, no problems what so ever). It unlike the clark, does not have a jewel buster.

IMS 3.2 is the happy medium, IMO. Doesn't look that much bigger than stock... some of the larger tanks look like ass, but that's also just IMO. Extends the range to 120-140 miles before reserve, and I'm guessing the lighter tank cancels out the weight of the extra fuel... win/win.

IMS 3.2 Works well no issues with fit.

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