1992 Suzuki RM 250 Problem Child!

So I told a buddy I would look at this bike for him. The bike will fire but dies and will not run. I pulled the pipe and took a look in the exhaust port, it looks OK,, not perfect but it should run. Compression feels OK. I pulled the head for a better look, it's OK. I pull the carb apart and it is nasty. You know how fuel will spoil and varnish, that is what I had so I pull the carb apart of a cleaning and re-assemble. I throw everything back together and give it a few kicks,, same problem. Next I pull the reeds out and they are bad with about an 1/8th on a gap between the reeds and the stop. Also, I notice there is no gasket on the reed cage and there is grime in the intake manifold. I think there is the problem so I order up reeds and a gasket. The parts come in, I install, same problem. The guy already bought a coil and CDI box so I figure what the hell and I put them in, same problem. Now I am thinking stator. I pull the flywheel cover, what a surprise there is no gasket, water has penetrated under the flywheel cover. The flywheel has a little rust. This is where I am right now.

If this was my bike it would have never been neglected like this but it is what it is. The more I look at this bike the more messed up it is. The front forks need seals, the front rotor has fork oil all over it, I am sure fork oil is on the front brake pads as well, The fuel tank has been spray painted, the chain/sprockets are wasted, the back of the frame is bent, & one of the rear wheel axle adjusters is stripped out. This is a clapped out bike. KBB shows trade in value at $830. I would not give 500 bucks for this turd.

So here is the rub: What the hell do I tell my buddy? I want to tell him that he needs to cut his losses and sell it but I thought I would throw it up here and see what others think.



More pics here: http://www.jctra.org/gallery/v/membergallery/mclaughlin/joe/92rm250/

I'd tell him it's a clapped out bike, and it's going to take some cash and elbow grease to make it right. I'd also pull the cylinder and check things out before making the final call. "there is grime in the intake manifold" would make me nervous.

Assuming the crank, cylinder and exhaust valve don't need service, for a modest investment you could have a mechanically sound, if not necessarily pretty, ride.

Yank the jug. If the crank, piston, and cylinder are toast - part it out or put it out to pasture.

did you change the spark plug?

check the piston bore clearnce, you want 2 thou idealy, 4 thou is normal wear, 6 thou and she needs a piston, check the ring gap as well.

Uncle Alpo once again has it one spot

Modest investment ..........;)

I'm like king of the clapped up bike project . Everything he said I've had to deal with or still dealing with on my 1991 monster .

Dude tell him does he like money pits and does he have a bit of time before touching dirt .....lmao

That bike sounds torched yet ...what a project start hmmmmmmm 1992 RM

Ive been on my project since 1-07 . Although doing it in bits and spurts ...

Back in the saddle once again .

Uncle Alpo did you know pro tapers handle grip glue is contact stuff ???

I found this out because I got my hand stuck to the handle bars and had to call for my wife the other day to bring out acetone..I kid you not

So this gy sounds like he's way more knowledgeable in bikes..so your friend is lucky to have you..I'd be honest and weigh options..


I talked it over with the owner and he opted to go buy a new bike:) I placed the RM on craigslist for him. People need to take care of their stuff! My bike has never left me stranded in 3 years of riding and I ride a lot. You just have to keep up on the little stuff.


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