Motul - 4 stroke oil, which one?

1. 300 V Factory Line 5W30 100% Synthetic Ester


2. 7100 10W40 100% Syn. API SL, JASO MA

the 5w is prob too light for the engine. id go with the 10w40. although i thought i read somewhere on here that the clutch doesnt like synthetic oil.

I second 10w40. I run Maxima Maxum 4. It is a synthetic blend. The Pro Circuit Kawasaki team runs Maxima oils, and they aren't going to run junk.

I like castrol oils myself

10w30 10w40 and 20w50 are in the kawasaki manual...i like bel ray :thumbsup:

Moto with Motul ... it's the best! 10w40

rotella? Just kidding. lets not start again..

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