Should I Change My Jetting?

I have an 08 yz250f with a full PC t-4 system. The jetting is stock and seems to work ok since I ride in the 1000ft level but there is some popping on decel and some bogging so I think its kind of lean. I know nothing about messing with my carburator so I dont even want to try since its still running pretty good. Should I have someone mess with the jetting, buy a JD kit, leave it alone. I found some settings on the PC site, is there a big difference between the two?:thumbsup:

Stock= 178(Main) 42(Pilot) NFPR(Needle) 5(POS) 2 3/8(Screw) 70(Leak)

W/ PC=175 42 NFPN 4 2 60

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