Quick cheap power mods?

My buddies wife has a KLR250 (older) and it's completely stock. Is there and quick cheap mods that can be done to gain some hps. ie 3x3/ rejet. If so any good links with how to's. I have a DRZ but haven't worked on KLR before. Any help would be much appreciated.

do a search for "free mods" in this for- I have to assume the free mods for the klx would work on the klr.

I have not really worked on the klr's but i would have to agree with dave g ther has to be something similar see if there is a dynojet kit for the klr that will help some, get the carb all dialed in.

yep, the usual airbox and jet stuff. Open the airbox up, remove the snorkel, Uni filter foam, bump the pilot jet up to a 40, main jet to a 125-127, clip the slide spring, open up the exhaust. Going down to a 14 tooth front sprocket makes it more fun to ride if you don't mind losing some top speed.


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