Dr. Mark Post Surgery DVT

Dr. Mark, as you know from reading and responding to my posts, I am currently two weeks post op for an ACL Allograft with about 70% ROM (not good but not too bad). I returned to work this morning at a desk job and did a lot of sitting. My leg was not elevated and around 2:00 PM my right calf and knee became quite swollen. I was walking more than usual and didn't have it elevated or iced like I had the past two weeks. I did a little research and found that DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is not that umnommon after knee surgery, and can be quite harmful if not treated. What is the probability of getting DVT after surgery and how serious is it usually. Do you think my swollen knee and calf are just the normal healing and aggravation from returning to work after being slightly immobile for a couple weeks and not DVT. Thanks for the input. P.S. Male white 50, right leg, high blood pressure, atenelol and lysiniprol for meds (just a little history if that helps).

Thanks again.

DVT is more common amongst those who have longer surgeries (how long was yours, I would bet three hours) that don't have full motion, are not taking full weight on the leg, and are older with medical risk factors like yourself. With your history alone, I would have put you on prophylactic anticoagulation. (HMOs, what else would you expect?)

You need to be on anticoagulants for at least six weeks.

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