2004 crf450r modded need jetting help

Hi guys, I just got done putting my 2004 crf450r back together and would like some jetting recommendations. Here's the specs:

2004 Honda crf450r

wiseco 13:1 pro-lite piston

mildly ported head

+1 mm intake and +1 exhaust valves Kibble white stainless with spring kit

Hot cams stage 2 cam

FMF Megabomb header with FMF Factory 4.1 carbon fiber muff

Current jetting: 42 pilot 165 main

needle position I believe 3rd clip position

1 1/2 turn out fuel screw

Fuel: 50/50 mix 114 and 91 octane

I just took it out for a break in run of about 15 laps around a local mx track, took it pretty easy. I didn't feel a bit of hesitation or ping but still would like some advice. I'm heading to the Oregon dunes next week and the bike will definitely not be babied out there, but I also don't want to hurt the motor.

Thanks in advance.

p.s. I'll be riding at sea level next week probably temps in 60 - 75 degree range. The track here in Norcal where I took it out is at about 800ft above sea level and same temps. Thanks

that jetting is fine for a intial run.give it a good evaluation and adress any running issues from there.

Thanks Eddie! Much appreciated

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