IMS 3.3 and Radiator Guards

I crushed my left radiator, trail riding last weekend.:thumbsup: Now I am trying to figure out what brand of Radiator Guards, if any, will fit with an IMS 3.3 fuel tank on my 2006 WR450. I searched for hours and read many good things about many different guards but none that specifically said that they will fit with an oversized tank.

Thanks in advance for the help!!

I initially had the work connection braces and they are useless. I sent my radiators out for repair for the third time. I then switched over to the flatland radiator guards. They are super strong and have withstood a significant amount of abuse with no damage at all.

I liked them so much that I put a set on my yz250 also.

I have oversize tanks on both bikes.

Your gonna get all kinds of recomendations on this one so here goes, the Flatland, Unabiker, Rooster(?) brand guards seem to be regarded as the strongest ones on the market. I have flatlands on my '07 and had Devols on my'02 with no problems with either. It will depend on what you can afford and how often you are crashing as to which brand you chose. Crushed rads are not as cheap to replace as spending the money to protect them in the first place. Read this thread to help you out.

WR Dave

I will say i am not convinced they help at all..

i put unibikers on my bike and a simple 5km tip over i won't even say crash.

the way they are angle'd the cut into the ground. rather than angle'd so they cannot cut into the ground.

i was pretty upset and how bent they are. i will be removing them when i have to next work on the rads.



I've put Unabikers on a couple of bikes and really like them.

I crushed my left radiator, trail riding last weekend.:thumbsup: Now I am trying to figure out what brand of Radiator Guards

I hit a tree pretty hard with my Devol's and bent the rad just enough to make it leak. atleast it can be fixed. I have also used the works ones and they suck, minor fall and it ruined the first rad. Oversized tank no problem. A few of my buddy's have the Flatland ones that look very strong. I have considered building in a piece of rebar from guard to guard (maybe using the lower rad bolts as a support). I just haven't done any work on it yet. If i come up with something that works i'll post some pics.

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