Which trails do you all like at Nestucca

Im planning a trip to nestucca, never been there. I have a map but have no idea what trails are like there and which ones are good.

Any suggestions?

I used to live there what trails are you specifically looking at?

There all good:thumbsup:





There is very little there that is super nasty or steep, and what there is is easy to get around and move on. Lots of fun trails and very scenic.

Send me a pm with your # and I can give you some info.


Hey! which trail is that??? it looks raked!! :thumbsup: beautiful trail portraits!

Skip Saddam's Revenge with the family(I think that's what it's called? I tried to figure out what trail it was) :thumbsup: I got halfway up it then asked myself why am I doing this? or maybe more appropriately, WHY is Unkle George taking me up this? :thumbsup:(It's marked down only and pack out parts which I found out later). At least he turned around and came back down :thumbsup:

You can camp at Elk Flats and be in the middle of everything. It's easy to get turned around there, I just remember which side of the paved road I'm on. IT's nice and quiet and hardly any people which is way cool! Have a great trip!!!

BTW today would be awesoem up there, it's been misting and the ground is damp(I live about 4 crow miles from there)

It's not a hill unless the back end comes up in the air when you ride back down it. : ) That was just a little warm up bump compounded by the wet shale and tree you had to duck under half way up. If it is a one way we were going the right direction because it's even steeper on the other end.

I like bad breath, liquor loop (backwards), and of course George's around the swamp. Have fun.

I like to ride out of the second staging area (elk flats?) which is 5 or 6 miles in from the highway. Lots of good trail loops run out of there.

Mutant Ferns is a fun one. Your can ride from Whip up to the Elk staging area and find all kinds of good stuff. There is one down hill only right out of the Elk staging area that scares the carp out of me.

There are 2 DOWN hills that, IMHO, are best relegated to the truly gifted or :thumbsup:

Woody's Plunge, steep with ledges, ruts, loose rock and debris, is not far from Elk Flats staging area.

North Slope Trail is, steep....steep tight turns and sidehills and did I mention steep? ........ midway between Elk Flats and Grassy flats.

If on the weekend watch for 4 wheeled users on most trails.

Few uphills of consequence.

Generally a fun area.

but if there is a nasty downhill, doesn't that mean it can be a nasty uphill too? :thumbsup:

Isn't there some kind of old quarry hill(cliff) climb up near Grassy Flats? It was enough just looking over the edge and marvelling at the freakin monster guys that pop up that thing!

Have a Happy Getting Married Soon unkle george!!!!

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