best aftermarket (larger) fuel tank for drz 400s?

Anyone put a clarke tank on drz 400s? wondering what your opinions are (good or bad) thanks

i like mine just fine.some don't because of the steeper seat angle than others like the ims which allows for a seat profile similar to the stock tank.don't know about the acerbis 4 gal or the huge aqualine 7.5 gal.but i get about 180-190 mi on a full tank of gas.the standard plastic gas cap has been a minor annoyance in that they crack or the seal goes bad about every year unless you go to the expensive billet aluminum unit.

thanks-ive got the gel seat also-does that work with the increased tank angle of the clarke?

SM here but same deal. 3.9 Clarke. I like it so far. Fits almost perfectly with my Corbin seat but doesn't latch into it unfortunately. Blocks the last half of the choke - works all the way if I pull on the tank first. I used a piece of silicon tube to make the vacuum line reach the petcock, and bent one of the wire hooks by the neck of the frame so it doesn't rub against it.

Oh, and the neck is a tad too tall, I guess that is why some people call it a balls buster. But on an SM it probably doesn't matter. One thing I'd do different is get the yellow instead of transparent. It looks fine but I'm concerned a LEO might decide to give me a hard time about it if he's got nothing else to do.


thanks-helpful-i was wondering if it fit 'perfect' or if it took a few mods.

my clarke fits fine with the low gel wrinkles,kinks or excess movement noted for the past few years.choke works if you shorten the stroke of the knob or get a short throw choke from another bike.can't remember which one at the moment.

Happy with the Clarke 3.9gal / 14litre .

Its ~1gal more than stock and I wouldnt bother with the less increased capacity offered by some other tanks, given I use the bike for dualsport.

Fits the Corbin seat OK, just had to bend the locking tab a bit.

Has enough room for my added kickstart after slightly grinding the top of the lever.

have no problems with my ims 4.0 gallon, tight fit , took about 20 minutes, seat latches up and no choke mod. so far so good.

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