Who Makes ?

Aluminium Throttle tubes that ride on bearings. This plastic tube is driving me crazy....I know I've seen them on a distributor web site, Just cannot remember which one...


Bonzai :)

Thank You Sir...Exactly what I was looking for....

This ought to make my wife very happy.

Bonzai :)

I can really see group buy on these things!

I wonder about bark busters though... :)

Hey Guys,

I think the Oberg is open on the end????? I have the Works Connection tube and had to have the end milled off, so I could bolt up my hand guards.


two weeks and counting :)

Oberg makes special bar inserts for bark busters.

Off-Road BB-INS $19.85

(to be used with “Twister” throttle tube & Off-Road handguards)

It is in the price section under handlebar inserts.


Bonzai, I have one of these on my YZF...it is real nice. The bearings really make for smooth throttle action. You will like it. Make sure you get the right bearing kit for your make bars - as they slip into the hole at the bar ends.

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