WR426 ??? about starting and smoothness

I really want a Yamaha...

but the DRZ has so many advantages like E-start, soft trail suspension, lower seat height...

So the queestion is how does the 426 start? I don't mean if it is a hard starting bike. I mean under normal circumstances like on an off camber hill, get this thing be kicked over and start first kick? When I stall the bike will it start without making me more tired than riding through a rough section? And when it is started how does the bike compare to a DRZ? Is it as smooth at 50 mph on the pavement as a DRZe? Does the power come on similar to the DRZ, like higher in the rpm range than an old technology thumper like a KTM 400 LC4? What is the top speed? Not that it matters but it tells me what the cruising speed will be when I'm headed for the mountains on pavement. How is it geared at the low end? Does it plunk well in first gear through really rough terain? Any other comments would be appreciated.


Ok, its not as easy to start as a DRZe but most of us here have no problems getting it started first kick. On steep sections the Estart would be better. I have a DRD hotstart button and it is a Godsend. The only time I have trouble starting it first kick is when I drop it to the left side and I don't get it back up quickly. This tends to flood it. Right side, no problems. Not sure why.

It has a great low gear. I can just rumble thru the slow rough rocks and roots much easier than my buddy on his YZ. My other buddy's DRZ seems to do just as well. The shorter seat would be better for shorter riders. I am 6' and I don't have much of a problem with the WR.

Smooth at 50mph? I would imagine that depends on the tires. I ride mine on the road all the time to get to the trails. I have never experienced headshake, ever. The WR has soft trail suspension also.

Top speed is supposed to be somewhere around 90mph with stock gearing.

When I am older I will get estart but for now I have no problems kicking it over.

The 03 WR is supposed to have estart. If that is your only hang up then wait a few weeks.

Hope this helps.

BTW, my buddy with the DRZ used to have a WR250f. With his once broken ankle, knee and shin

it was too hard to start. He now loves his DRZe.


Hi Ram600!

I am a "new" (like five months now) owner of a WR426 -01 and I also have four hours in the sadlle of a DRZ (kicker but lets leave that for now).

The WR is more of a race-ready-bike, less so than a ´Berg or a KTM, but harder saddle and lighter feel than a DRZ. I feel that the DRZ is more of a compromise towards a XR600 type of bike - i.e softer, more sluggish, heavier feel, not as "snappy". But is NOT a slug at all. For a not so fast a rider (like me) it is easier to ride fast on a DRZ consistenly than on the WR, but as long as I have the energy (first ten minutes :D ) the WR rocks, not that the bike tires me, it is just that one can be more in "attack mode" on the WR and that is hard work.

On transport stages there is a "lurch" from the engine on the WR. This can be fixed by having the correct jettings. I dont know if this is a thing on the DRZ. It is not particularly bothersome, just noticable.

Wich bike is better :) ? Hmmm, a VERY good rider can probably go much faster on a WR than on the DRZ and me, I have always wanted to be a "Very fast rider" :D - easy choise. I also want to ride MX every now and then, and once the suspension is ok (new springs for a muscle laden fellow like me :D ) it is way better than a DRZ on the MX track.

So, the question You have to answer to Yourself is: Do You want a fast, racey, top-of-the-line bike with a kickstart, or just a darn nice, fast, comfy bike with an e-start?

My final words to end all of this rambling:

If one wants the best of both worlds and also have a VERY good dealer, I would by a Cannondale - yes I would! :D

Not finnished yet, starting a kicker is easy if one knows the bike etc. But if one is stranded on a slope or somewhere else tricky an e-start does come handy. My bike starts easy (knock on wood).

The End.


Isn't the DRZ suspesnion "only" about as good as an XR400's?

I think the DRZ is like a high-tech XR400 with electric start.

If you ride in the eastern woods with a lot off rocks, roots and real slow trialslike going I think the DRZ (or XR) wood be a good choice. The low end hesitation on my WR gives me fits in the woods were you need throttle response. Also I think the suspension is too stiff for woods and rocks.

On the other hand, if you ride agressively or want to do any moto-type riding, you can't go wrong with a WR.

By the way, I have no trouble starting my WR, unless I drop it on a real steep hill. It starts way better than my old DR350!

Bubby purchased a 2002 DRZ-E . I have a 2002 WR426. He wish ,he knew how easy the WR is to start, he would have purchased one. The suspension and power are on a higher level. All I can say is we switch bike one day and I did not like the DRZ at all, felt unsable and he loved the WR.

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