Best bike for making street legal?

I am going to buy a bike to do some good trail riding but with the convenience of a dual sport kit to ride to my favorite areas. I am going to be riding a lot of tight trails with sand and rock and occasional mud. When onroad, i will be averaging 55 mph. I am 5'10 and around 150 pounds. What is your advice on a good, all-around bike. Low to midrange power is where I will be mostly. How do the KTM's and Husky's compare to the main four. Thanks

What is your riding experience?

Do you ride aggressively or just for fun when riding offroad?


I don't know about the Husky and and KTM but I have a street legal WR 400. I find it a bit of a handful in really tight trails only becouse it has so much power and the seat and tank design suck. My buddy has a DRZ 400 and it is more at home in the tight stuff

but if you ride at any tracks or do any fair size jumps the

suspention is very limited. I would not trade my WR for it.

If its a new WR you are looking at the seat and tank are more like the YZ in design witch help make it more nimble.

If it's an older WR your looking at, try to find one with an after market tank and YZ seat or look at that being your firt Mod.

Get a TTR 600 ,its already street legal, no wait you live in the States, they dont sell them there. heheh :D :D :)

well maybe one day they will be available in the states.

Yamaha probably doesn't sell them here because there isn't a market. 288 lbs. (131 kg) in the woods? No thanks.

That's 10 lbs. heavier than an XR650R and they're water cooled.

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