I was looking on the troy site where we can see part diagrams of yamaha bikes and atvs and I saw that yamaha produced a wr 500 in 1992. I had never heard of that bike. What was it like?


Not too sure about that one, but the YZ490 2 stroke was a real man's bike... They also make all sorts of bikes nowadays, that we hear little of, like the TTR600...


The WR500 was a 2 stroke

It was not very popular and they did not make many as far as I am aware

The 1980 YZ 465 was upgraded to the YZ490 in 1983(?). The YZ490 production was stopped due to Yamaha's lack of sales of the 490 compared to the CR and KX500's (1988).

Yamaha re-introduced the 490 as the WR500 in 1992. Damon Bradshaw raced the WR500 in the Open Class before it was dropped again.

The bike was air cooled and had a very characteristic backfire when kicking it over.

When the YZ465 came out in 1980, it was the most powerful production open class mx'er EVER produced. It completely sold out in 2 months of release.

I was lucky enough to get one ($1800.00 OUT THE DOOR!!!). I loved that bike. I raced it (MX) up until and including 1983.

Yes, the others are correct. 490cc, air-cooled two stroke with large tank for off-road based on the defunct YZ490. My friend owns one. It's a pretty gnarly beast, and not a lot of fun to ride in the tight stuff (or anywhere else for that matter, except pointed straight.)

I think he's interested in selling it if you want one.

I had a brand new 1981 yz465 that i raced when i was 16 , got the yz490 in 82. The 465 was a great bike that was a 5 speed,my 490 was a 4 speed. When they came out with the WR500 it was intended for the desert guys , it was basically the same bike but had a WIDE RATIO, same goes for the WR250!


I knew about the old YZ's but didn't know that this air cooled engine came back in a bike in 1992.

It surprised me a lot because

1)in these years I was reading Dirt Bike mag a lot and I'm quite sure they never talked about that ( I'll have to look back in the archives )

2)to my knowledge, both the '92 kdx250 and wr250 2-stroke were liquid cooled right?

Anyway thanks for your infos and sorry KRob but I just quit my 2-smoke air cooled kdx 200 and not interrested to make a come back :):D. Nevertheless, I would be interrested in seeing a picture of that bike just to satisfy my curiosity.


Math :D

Yes, the 92 WR250 and KDX200 are both water cooled. My first bike after taking 14 years off for school etc., was the 92 WR250. Great bike, and as reliable as a hammer. Liked it so much I replaced it with a 97 WR250 the last year they released a two-stroke WR in the states. Still riding and racing this sweet bike..... thinking about defecting to valves. That's why I'm here on TT. Hoping the the new WR450 isn't a boat anchor giving me reason to switch to orange. Blue has been berry berry gute to me (Although the '92 was white with an aqua seat and pink graphics. Yuck.), so I'd like to stay with Yamaha.

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