!!!A 2 WHEEL DRIVE YAMAHA wr450!!!

Theyve been out for a while now. They were only sold overseas and in very limited numbers. One was raced in the Paris to Dakar rally a few years ago and did pretty good. Very expensive too!

You could buy them new from a canadian outfit, International M/C brokers I think. Anyway, they were $12,000 new about 2 years ago I think.

Yes, I believe it won the Paris Dakar in the small bore class and I've seen videos of European hare scrambles where they had to run up this stream with lots of rocks, moss, slime and the thing did noticeably well or better compared to the other bikes.

It's a hydraulic drive and if I understand correctly the pump is driven off of the counter shaft so the faster the motor spins the more power is delivered to the front wheel.

I think the Christini systems are superior in design and function.. I don't know if they have one a Yamaha yet:confused:

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