Problems getting registration on street legal WR.

I bought a 2002 Yamaha WR 426 mainly for driving on the street but I also take it out on the weekeds. It was made street legal by the previous owner and he drove it on the street a few times. It had a plate with good tags, horn, turn signals, brake light, and high/low beam. I talked to the local bike shops and the Oregon DMV and they all said that you can't convert a offroad bike for street use anymore but if it was previuosly converted and has a plate then it is still street legal.

So I went to the DMV after buying the bike to get the registration and title in my name and everything went fine, I just needed to wait for the title and reg. to show up in the mail. I got a notice in the mail this week saying they were not going to send me the registration because the bike is not street legal. I called them and now they are going to send me another paper in the mail that I need to send to Yamaha to confirm that the bike can be made street legal.

I am a little concerned, does this even sound right...... I have never heard of this before. Will Yamaha even sign the paper in agreement that the bike can be made street legal or am I shit out of luck? Has anyone else had to do this? Seems to me like they are just trying to yank me around. If you have any info let me know!!!

Seems to me like they are just trying to yank me around

I think you've hit the nail on the head. I'd call the person in charge and give them the details. If the bike was previously tagged, it SHOULD be "grandfathered."

On a side note, that's why we shoul dall be watching our politicians and going to the polls. VOTE THE BUMS out. Write your rep and senator and ask tehm WHY this decision was made. What are the FACTS that support the decision to not allow conversion? Safety, environment, etc etc. Put the ball in their court and hold their feet to the fire write letter and letters to the editor of newspapers.

I just found this link. It sounds to me that if you have a offroad bike that was converted to be street legal in Oregon you will only be able to legaly ride it on the street until your registration renewal is up. Then they will refuse to give you street registration. What BS. Has anyone found a way around this.

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