I took the plunge!! **PICS**

just bought a 2005 YZ450F!! I just had the bike out on my practice track for the first time and whoa is it different than the CR250 i've been riding all year.

Now, for the questions. This is my first 4 stroke and the service manual that came with the bike was chewed up pretty bad by the previous owners dog. Don't worry, I already have a new manual on order.

The bike doesn't always want to come back down to idle. It will stay at a high idle. Nothing to crazy, just as if you never took the choke off after starting it. If you put the bike under a load, like moving 2-3mph and let the clutch out a little then pulling it back in it will idle just fine.

The bike was only ridden once this year (early June) and only about 6 times since 05. I'm in the process of pulling the carb to clean it out as I would assume this is happening because something is sticking in the carb due to not being run in a while. Any thoughts other than a sticky slide?

Other than that the bike seems to run good. Starts first kick. It pops a bit on deceleration but I hear that's normal. Also, I've noticed that I can really feel the heat coming off of the bike when I ride it. Whenever I've ridden a 2T I've never felt the heat. Is this normal for a 4T?

The bike pulls hard, shifts smooth once going ( it seems to clang into gear when initially shifting into gear to start from a stop)

Overall, other than a few small quirks I've very please with the bike.



Here are some pics: http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk219/acee125/2005%20YZ450F/

If it were the slide, you would be able to manually close it with the throttle grip, since it has a two way cable set up on it.

Check that the hot start cable has free play at the lever, and that the plunger operates freely and returns fully.

Then attempt to set the idle mixture:


If none of this resolves the issue, you may have an air leak around the carb joint at the head, or tight intake valves.

Good post by grayracer. Start with the carb and go from there.

Well here's my first noobie 4T mistake: I forgot to disconnect the hot start plunger before I roatated the carb to change the fuel mixture screw and srtipped the plastic threads on the cap. :thumbsup:

Due to already having the bike down for about another week due to waiting on parts I was thinking of checking the valves and doing the timing chain as well.

Correct me if I'm wrong here's my parts list:

Valve cover gasket

ignition cover gasket

timing chain

timing chain tensioner gasket

Also, the slot on the hot start plunger looks considerably bigger than the ball on the end of the cable. Is this normal or is it worn out?

Thanks for helping a noob!

hey if you dont mind anwering i would like to know howmuch you got it for. I am selling my 2002 426 tommorow and would be after a 2003-2005 450f. JUst wondering ..thanks

$2100 but that seemed like a steal to me. They are normally going for at least $2500 in my neck of the woods in MN. They're were some 06's priced at $3500-$3700 at Millville yesterday. Keep an eye out and you'll find a good deal.

yea, that was a steal. There is one locally here in fl . It is a 2005 and its listed for 2500. Im hoping to maybe show the guya cash offer a little lower and he will take it.

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