Salt water cleanup

Just got back from 250 mile beach run down in Baja. Have any suggestion on getting that salt water off and stopping any corosion before it begins?

Just like getting something in your eye, "Use copious quantities of fresh water". Carwash it and fresh water rinse it. My chain used to seize up by the time I made it home. If its a good chain I would use a soap/ water/ wd-40 lube to claim future use. Salt is hard on everything.

I squirt simple green full strength all over my bike after each ride, especially on the lower half. Seat and plastics just get car wash except for the hard to reach places-they get more simple green. Rinse with the hose. Then spray WD40 on everything except the pipe and brakes to chase the water away and wipe with a towel. I don't ride in sand or salt water but it seems that simple green would be great for that too.

Billoyd - Try a product called Salt-Away ( I use it on my Sea-doos and it eats up the salt. You can get it at any dealer that sells personal water craft. Of course, if you are riding a wheelie it won't get wet - just pull the front end up and balance out!

Hot water with some dishwashing detergent works real good. The hotter the better.

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