Springs Wanted

Looking for OEM Yamaha 46kg fork springs along with 5.0kg rear shock spring.

I have .46 front and the 5.0 back off of a 2000 wr. E mail me at dameyer@mtu.edu


Anybody got a 5.4 Rear Spring they want to sell?

Bonzai :)

YAMAKAZE, I have a 5.4 spring. I tried it on my 250F but it was too much. Another TT'er(YZ400Court) gave it to me so you can have the spring, just pay for the shipping. E-mail me if you want it.



Check your PM...Info there.

Bonzai :)

Well, as long as we are asking.....

I need the porky pig edition rear spring a 5.8 or so, any one got any of those around??



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