Out the door price on WR 450?

I know that I live in So Cal, but does anyone anywhere know if a dealer is offering anything less tha $7300 out the door?? :)

I know it's cool, I know it's sweet, but it is just a dirtbike, right?

I've looked around in NorCal and that is also the price I was quoted.

Yes, they are going to be sweet!

I was quoted $6900.

$6095.00 in Pa

Are you guys paying greater than retail. I have not ask my dealear for a price yet. I just told him I wanted the first one he got. I Broke my collar bone june 9th and took my 01 RM250 to him about three weeks later, told him to sell it and ordered my wr450.

HaremScarem is getting a HaremScreamin' deal! Mine is list plus tax and title. I hoping to get out of the setup fee but if not, $6900 it will be.

If you're willing to drive to Price, Utah You're looking at about $6,200.00 out the door. It might be worth saving a $1,000.00. Might cost you a hundred bucks for gas, fifty bucks for a room, you're still ahead about $900.00

Call Brad at 1-800-762-4386, and no I'am not the dealer nor do I work for him, I checked all around Utah and he's the best price I found, got my WR450 ordered from him,

This dealer moves over 2500 bikes a year. $5750 + 6% tax and $30 title.. Never a setup or freight fee.. So I lied, it's $6125 out the door. If you want the Phone number, feel free to send a PM. This could help in getting a competitive bid from your local dealers.

Price, Utah has some awsome riding in the area also. The riding areas alone are worth the trip, let alone if you can save the money!!!!!

how can anyone get it cheaper than what yamaha lists it for ? $6,399.99 wow typing it makes me wonder why i got a dirt bike i coulda got a street bike for that much. oh yeah now i remember . it's kinda hard to take a street bike up a 500 ft dirt hill !!

At the dealer here I was quoted $8300.00 Canadian (MSRP)plus 15% tax

My 2002 426 listed for 6199.00 and I got it for 5199.00 + tax, in May of 02. I guess it all depends on the dealer. Since your from Jersey, I'm sure you know about Montgomerville cycle.


what dealer was that ? almost makes me want to cry paying that much for a dirt bike . what part of nb are you from ?

Try Sussex Motorsports in Hamburg, NJ. I belive 03' wr450 is 5995.00 + tax if your from Jersey. No setup fees or any bull*@#%!! Got my 02' 426 there. They even sent the paperwork to DMV and got me registered and plated.


Hi mole 1 , I'm in Moncton and that price was at Atlantic Yamaha in Dieppe. Where are you and what prices have you found? Any delivery dates?


i'm in saint john and it's full list here , i know one of the sales guys at maclean's power sports but i don't think he'd knock off any more than $200 . i've called atlantic yamaha before regarding pricing on other bikes and the feeling i got from them was "take it or leave it thats the price". wr450's will be in short supply this year and that is keeping prices high , maybe next year they'll be more willing to cut you a deal . at the current asking price (and delivery?)for a wr450 i would seriously consider a ktm . as an added bonus the distributor for ktm is located in woodstock nb .

hey , did you go on the turkey run in moncton this year ? some friends of mine went and had a great time , i'll have to go next year , i heard the trails are pretty good up there .

Yes I was at the Turkey Run at Thankgiving and yes I met 3 or 4 guys from Saint John, Grand Bay I believe. One was on a new WR250F and the rest were on KDX's, don't recall their names but they sure seemed like a good bunch, they answered all my questions about the WR250F. I agree with your evaluation of Atlantic Yamaha and while their parts department is great (Steve and Robin are really on the ball) the sales department is seriously lacking in the personability department, in fact several of the guys at work have had similar experiences and ended up going to other brands and dealers, as far as New Glascow and Halifax. Mcleans in Saint John and Atlantic Power Sports in Truro have been very competitive in the sales department and if I wind up paying a couple of bucks more I believe my next purchase will happen st one of the later dealers.

I am still thinking about a YZ426 as opposed to the WR450 as the 246 engine is proven and relatively bullet proof. I worry that for a trail bike, the weight saving stuff that Yamaha did to the YZ450 will also be found in the WR and my concern is longevity of the lighter parts. I think it is great for a race bike but for how I ride here, not racing, a bit more weight with better durability is the prefered choice.

I'm in the process of selling my 97 WR250 (2 stroke) and as soon as I have the dollars in my hand its off to the dealership.

Why don't you drop me your e mail address so we can hook up this comming spring once the white stuff is gone. I know there riding North of Saint John, I was rock climbing at Welsford this fall and at the top of the rock face you could hear a couple of thumpers having fun in the distance. Here is my address


What are you riding now??

For those of you who are interested in buying a wr450 in Price, all of his bikes have deposites on them. I doubt you will be able to get one, but it does not hurt to give him a try. I put a deposite on mine July. I would recommend buy a bike there. Brad is a full financial supporter of land use issues.


just so happens i'm about a 15 minute drive from welsford , i live in grand bay and my two friends that went to the turkey run are from grand bay as well , one rides a yz426 and his twin brother rides a kx250 although he's going to trade in the spring for a ktm 200sx . shoot me a pm , i'd really like to ride some new trails and i'm sure i could round up a few others . i know where you're coming from regarding the wr450 , a left over yz426 can be had for a decent price around here and with a few mods it would make an excellent choice , minus that magic button of course :)

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